I wrote a list of business-related tools I use over at Work Notes. The article omits design and development things, so here they are:

Design & Development

Affinity Design & Publisher

I have an Adobe subscription (mainly for Adobe Fonts), but Affinity have become my go-to tools.


Fantastic for collaborating in real-time.


This is a much-too-recent addition to my toolkit and it’s brilliant.


I upgraded to a Pro account for private pens last year. The Collaboration Mode has been particularly useful for online teaching.


After years of being a paper-only calendar person, I started using Fantastical in March 2021. It’s so brilliant I’ve gone all-in on digital calendars. Particularly love the Interesting Calendars integration.


Fastmail offers privacy-focused email with custom domains at a justifiable price point. I use HEY to send and receive from these custom domains.

Fastmail also provides my calendar.


I use privacy-focused Fathom for analytics. This is an affiliate link.


Freedom is great for lots of reasons, but I’ve found it particularly useful for permanently blocking things like Twitter on mobile (through a browser).


I use HEY both for personal and work email.


A lovely little Terminal for Mac.


Perfect for getting feedback on design work.


Absolutely brilliant for presenting designs to clients.


I switched to Notion in 2019 – one year later I finally took the time to organise the cards properly. It’s a great app that I now use for project management among other things.

The basic version is free for personal use now, too.


I used to use DeployHQ for Statamic site deployment. That was great, but Ploi allows two-way Git sync-ing for sites and takes this to the next level. Highly recommended.


I’ve been a long-time Sketch user, and it continues to be my go-to program for design mockups. It’s also great for social media posts/templates.

Visual Studio Code

I switched to VS Code about a year ago and haven’t looked back.


Wavebox was recommended as an alternative to Station (which seems to be unsupported now). Apps auto-sleep which stops Wavebox from eating your RAM, and the customer service is great.

This site

This site is build on Statamic 3. The typefaces are Relative and Relative Faux.

Last updated

22nd September, 2021.