I’m a designer and developer from the UK.

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in privacy and surveillance capitalism. I sometimes jot down thoughts about these topics on this site.



I work with clients through my studio. My work is informed by these three principles:

If you’d like to work with my, get in touch.

Below Radar

I’m interested in exploring how businesses can become less reliant on Facebook, Google and marketing techniques that fuel surveillance capitalism. Below Radar is a space for freelancers and business owners share their experiences of doing this.

Cyber Empathy

Cyber Empathy is the creation of Andra Zaharia. It’s a podcast exploring cybersecurity, empathy in tech and other related topics. I was honoured to be asked to co-host this, so there will be more episodes arriving soon.

Unoffice Hours Webring

I’ve been running Unoffice Hours for a while now. The Unoffice Hours Webring is a way to connect the people running these sessions. If you run Unoffice Hours, it would be great to add you!

No To Spy Pixels

No To Spy Pixels is a campaign to raise awareness about the pixels embedded in our emails. The site helps people take action and raise the issue with companies and organisations.

Work Notes

I created Work Notes in January 2019. From a series of blog posts on my design site, this grew into a multi-faceted project.

The site now features a Pricing Guide, Freelance Guide and an international community of over 700 freelancers.

Podcasts + Appearances

I don’t do much public speaking, but I have appeared on some podcasts, including:

If you’d like me to appear on yours, book an Unoffice Hours and we can chat about it.