22nd Sep, 2021

Since publishing this site back in May last year, this site has expanded in several ways. It was fairly hastily put together with the Writing, Uses, Now and Reading sections.

I’ve been tweaking it along the way. One of the greatest additions has been the Unoffice Hours, inspired by Matt Webb’s project. There have also been smaller tweaks like the addition of a Reply via email buttons on individual articles.

There are other things I’d like to add, such as an About page that lists podcast appearances and a Resources section. The latter is inspired by two things:

  1. Matt Baer’s Delete Your Facebook, which is a beautifully simple way to highlight issues with the most problematic social media platform
  2. Luke Mitchell’s Bookmarks, which lists discovered links and resources

I haven’t decided on the exact format, but a place to log things I’ve found would be very useful. For a long time I did this in Notion, but the app is just so slow I’ve neglected to maintain it.

I suspect it would be easier to add new items to the site than there. And possibly useful to others, too.

Time to realign

With that in mind, I think it’s time to realign this site. The home page could do with some adjustment, bringing Unoffice Hours to the fore and there are other things I’d like to explore:

New typefaces

I’d initially liked the idea of a mono type for this site, but that’s not fantastic for readability. That’s why the site features a font switcher so users can switch to a sans-serif.

A while ago I discovered Relative Faux by Colophon. It’s a fauxnospaced font – monospaced characteristics with proportional spacing – and it might be the perfect fit.


The Writing section is a little rough-and-ready. It would be nice to tighten this up, call out Popular articles and possibly provide a search, too.


This could be a good opportunity to tweak the existing colours for more subtlety or move to something completely different.

URL restructuring

For sites like this, I’m increasingly a fan of making the URLs as simple as possible. Instead of, it would be nice to use

This isn’t always appropriate, but I might make some changes on that front, too.

Let’s see what happens.