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Link: Shadow accounts on social media platforms

Facebook likely maintains shadow profiles of people with deleted accounts anyway, so I’d rather be able to affirmatively control what they’re doing with the data they have on me.

Does Facebook continue to collect/store data about us (from advertisers, Facebook Pixel etc) even if we don’t have a Facebook account?

We already know that Facebook continues to store data about deactivated accounts and unless anything has changed since this exchange, it seems likely they do.

What’s the legal basis for storing or collecting that data about someone through a shadow profile? This is the same thing that caused the furore around Clubhouse’s request to upload all your contacts.

I’ve submitted a subject access request to find out what they have on me, but I suspect that will be rejected.

What right do companies have to collect/store/process data about individuals – associated through an email address, phone number or other identifier – when the individual hasn’t interacted with that company or has deleted an existing account?