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Link: Mastodon available on iOS and Android

One of the challenges of Mastodon adoption is the onboarding process, because it’s not enough to capture a person’s desired username and e-mail and let them create an account, which is what people are used to from major websites; instead, you need to first choose a Mastodon server where you will make the account (comparable to e.g. choosing an e-mail provider). The implications of choosing the server are primarily in who is the entity responsible for the server, what moderation policies they enforce, what language and jurisdiction they operate in, and which domain name will be part of your username.

I’ve always found the server part of signing up to Mastodon a little odd. Why do we have to choose one? Why should we choose one over the other?

The comparison to email makes sense in my mind and the screenshots from this onboarding seem to make this a lot clearer.