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Link: macOS 15 Tips

Some genuinely useful macOS system tips in here. Worth watching in full, but here are the ones I want to remember:

  1. Prevent Safari auto-opening downloaded files: Safari > Preferences > General > Uncheck “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”
  2. After selecting multiple files, they can be merged into a PDF from the right-click context menu
  3. Switch audio inputs by holding [Option] when selecting Sound from the menu bar
  4. In Spotlight, press [Command] + [r] to open the folder of a file rather than the file itself
  5. Double clicking on a window causes inconsistent resizing by default, change this to always minimize: System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Minimize windows using [minimize]
  6. Delete an entire word at a time by holding [Option].
  7. Delete an entire line by holding [Command].
  8. [Option] + left or right key lets you skip words.
  9. When taking a screenshot, hold [Option] to resize capture area, hold [Space] to move the box and press [Esc] to cancel the screenshot.

I only started using Spotlight to open apps last year and that’s been a gamechanger: it reduces the use of my mouse, makes opening/finding apps much quicker and declutters my dock. Many of these tips seem like they could be daily time savers, too. Perhaps I should keep up with this stuff…